The grain and oilseed trading division is the basis of East Grains’ activity. We originate the goods mainly from western and central Romania, but also eastern Hungary.

Trading with industrial feed ingredients is a strategic division of East Grain. Our purpose is to supply the feed factories from our region with high quality products.

To improve our logistic costs all-around, we started a separate division specialized in logistic services, who offer their services to third parties, too.

Commodity trading is the newest division in our company, which in addition to agricultural commodities also includes other bulk products’ trading.



East Grain was founded in 2007, from which it started trading grains, oilseeds and other agricultural raw materials. The company is active in sales and purchase operations mainly on the Romanian and Hungarian market. The company’s success is based on the vast experience of it’s owners and staff, in agriculture, processing industry (milling, feed production and livestock) and grain commerce, especially in Central and Eastern Europe.