Commodity products

Commodity trading is the newest division in our company, which in addition to agricultural commodities also includes other bulk products’ trading.
Our main products from the agricultural sector are the chemical prilled fertilizers, but other industrial raw materials (ex.: industrial salt) and other bulk products (ex. wood pellets) also have a remarkable place in our portfolio.


  • Ferilizers:
    • Chemical prilled fertilizers
    • Complex chemical prilled fertilizers (NPK)
    • Liquid fertilizers
  • Salt:
    • Salt for agriculture and animal feed production
    • Salt for chemical industry and road salting
    • High-purity salt pellets for water softeners
  • Wood Pellets
  • Biomass:
    • Agricultural biomass: Straw and other residues from agricultural crops
    • Woody biomass: wood chips, sawdust, other forest residues and wood waste