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Our story
Our story


East Grain was founded by three professionals with extensive experience in the agriculture and food industry. In the early years, the company focused mainly on the trade of quality malted wheat, geographically covering the grain markets of Romania and Hungary.


Our range of products has grown considerably over the years: in addition to the basic cereals (wheat, maize, barley), we also trade in oilseeds (sunflower, rapeseed, soya beans) and a wide range of other raw materials for the feed industry (soybean meal, sunflower meal, rapeseed meal, DDGS, wheat bran, maize meal, etc.)


Starting with 2015, our product range also includes fertilizer-type products.


In order to strengthen our presence in Hungary, East Grain Hungary KFT was founded. The company, which initially only provided brokerage services, quickly became known both in Hungary as well as internationally. Today, the company deals not only with grain and oilseed trading, but also with the distribution of feed materials.


In order to optimize logistics, our return shipments are often organized in cooperation with external partners. The steady increase of the number of our external partners has led to the creation of an independent logistics company. 

Cargolog has been operating as an independent logistics company since 2018. It provides tailor-made solutions for the transport of bulk and packaged goods in the domestic market, as well as in Central and Western Europe.


The market potential of the country, including the Transylvanian region, has justified our Group's focus on investing in strategic assets in addition to our purely commercial activities.

UBM Feed Romania, which is partly owned by East Group, is the largest independent feed producer in the country with a production capacity of 30 tons per hour and one of the most modern factories in Europe thanks to its technological equipment.


Our presence in the cereals market has been strengthened in the central part of the country through our feed mixing plant. We were able to efficiently serve the increased volume and the resulting demand by building a silo in Sânpaul, which has a storage capacity of almost 40,000 tons and is equipped with the latest German technology, making it a strategic agricultural point of the region, where farmers can confidently bring their crops. 


We wanted to add more input products and services for farmers to our Group's value proposition, so together with our partner Agroleg Varo, we created a joint subsidiary to strengthen agricultural integration. Agroleg Varo supported the creation of East Agro Input with its solid experience in agricultural production and input sales, while East Grain supported the creation of East Agro Input with its crop sales and significant market coverage. Our activities are mainly focused in the Central Transylvanian region, but we are also present in the western part of Romania.


Our second grain storage facility opened in Iernut, Mureş County, with a storage capacity of 25,000 tons. We now have our own industrial spur line at this site.

Our Group offers a complex portfolio of agricultural products and related services to customers in 11 countries in Central and Eastern Europe The East Group sells a total of 500,000 tons of crops, supplies 40,000 hectares with agricultural inputs, transports 20,000 truckloads of product and stores 60,000 tons of grain. 


In 2022 our group of companies has reached another milestone. In the first half of the year Cargolog has purchased 10 of their own vehicles.


In 2023, our Group experienced a period of remarkable expansion, marking new milestones in our evolution. We proudly welcomed a new member to our family, East Grain Serbia. Having enjoyed success in Hungary, we have made a strategic decision to expand into the Serbian market, strengthening our business operations in this growing region.

In parallel, East Grain Hungary reached another important milestone by acquiring its first grain warehouse in Csepel, Hungary, marking a significant move into the local market.

As for Romania, we are pleased to announce that East Silodep has expanded its silo network with the acquisition of its third grain warehouse in Miercurea Sibiului. This initiative has increased our total storage capacity in the country to 80,000 tonnes, while strengthening our position in the local market and bringing substantial improvements in terms of our service to grain customers.


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East Grain Hungary

East Grain Hungary KFT was founded in 2017 by East Grain. In the beginning, the company focused on the trade of cereals and oilseeds, but starting with 2019 it has expanded its activities to include the distribution of feed materials.

At the beginning, the one-man company, which was mainly based on its network of contacts, has since grown into a company with 7 employees, a turnover of over 100,000 tons and has gained a solid reputation both in Hungary and internationally. Its turnover is mainly directed towards the domestic and neighboring markets: mills, feed mixers, grain and oilseed processors, traders.

The company has undergone significant growth and development in the 5 years since its creation, thanks to the support of its parent company and a reliable and growing team of qualified staff members.


We strive for sustainable growth

Modern technologies

Our grain mills use the most modern technology available in the industry, and we attach equal importance to economic efficiency and energy efficiency within our operations. As a group that has adopted a green commitment, we have short-term plans to install solar panels on our grain farms in order to provide electricity. 

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions

We operate our logistics services according to the highest EU standards, with a particular focus on reducing carbon emissions. By organizing return transport, we can further reduce emissions per ton. For large volumes of goods, we also use rail transport solutions, further limiting the carbon footprint of our activity.


Sustainability is part of the East Group strategy through which we aim to have a positive impact on the environment and the society in which we operate. We want future generations to benefit from a cleaner and healthier country.

The East Group has successfully completed the project of installing photovoltaic panels in its grain bases.

By producing renewable energy in our grain warehouses, we can help protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint!Sustainability is a long-term strategy, which involves the implementation of responsible practices that can bring benefits to the company as well as a positive impact on the environment.

Solar panels are also a renewable energy production technology that uses the sun's energy to generate electricity. New energy means any type of energy that does not come from fossil fuels, such as wind, solar or hydropower.

Waste prevention and reduction program

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In addition to achieving business success, we believe it is important to create shared value and we consider it as our responsibility to actively participate in different areas of society. We strive to contribute to the development of education, arts and culture. In addition to mental health, we also consider it important to promote physical health. In addition to healthcare, we are committed to supporting various initiatives related to sports and physical activity.

Among others we support the following entities:
  • Zsolt Antal Foundation
  • Imre Mikó Vocational School
  • Asociatia Clujul Comoara
  • Asociatia Beard Brothers
  • As Club Sportiv Volei Crisina
  • Asociatia Solidaris